Reptile Humidity Control

Cold-blooded animals that they are, reptiles depend on environment to control their body temperature. Humidity control and maintenance is important in matching a reptile's natural environment. Inappropriate humidity levels can lead to many problems including excessive shedding of skin and respiratory problems. PVC Piping System: If the back wall of the vivarium is Coco Panels board, attach a...


Reptile Heating System

Heat/Spot Bulbs: In the wild, reptiles like Bearded Dragons love basking in the sun. Heat bulbs, the main source of heat in a vivarium, encourage this activity. Regular white bulb and light bulb are the two most commonly used types of heating bulbs. Spot bulbs emit very high temperature so a barrier or guard around the bulb should be in place to keep your pet from getting burned. Ceramic Bulb: C...


Reptile Lighting System

Fluorescent Strip Bulbs: Day active lizards require a form of ultraviolet light called UVB to synthesize a vitamin called D3. Vitamin D3 is needed by reptiles to metabolize calcium in their food. If they are unable to synthesize calcium in their reptile, reptiles will suffer from a lethal condition called Metabolic Bone Disease. Fluorescent strip bulbs prevent this from taking place by providing...


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