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Each reptile species has specific habitat needs and lifestyles. Some are arboreal and lives on top of trees. Some come from the ground and some from below sea level. Learning about their habitats is the first step to providing proper captive care for them. Other important aspects to be learned are species behavior, nutrition, environment, and reproductive stages. Many reptiles are not expensive, but the initial outlay - cage, lighting system, substrate, temperature control, food supply, parasite testing - can run up to several hundred dollars. They have dietary needs and thermal requirements that need to be met. Reptiles are amazing creatures, but can you afford all the costs that go into keeping a reptile? Is the species the one you really like? Are you looking for a pet that is out of the ordinary, or do you prefer a pet that snuggles to you? These are some of the questions that need to be answered before bringing home a reptile pet.

Do reptiles make good pets?

If what you're looking for in a pet is companionship or amusement, then reptiles don't make good pets. If you're looking for a pet that you can stroke or handle, then reptiles are a bad idea. Reptiles as pets are an unusual bunch. Unlike traditional pets such as cats and dogs, they don't require affection. They don't snuggle to you or seek your attention. You cannot expect a...


What are the best pet snakes for beginners?

Pet snakes are not social animals. They don't like being handled and will bite you if you touch them. They have specific humidity, temperature, and heating requirements and a preference for wild animals. Generally speaking, these needs can be very challenging to meet. However, if you can't resist owning these amazing animals, there are several species that are docile, easy to care for, a...


Can reptiles be tamed?

Generally speaking, reptiles have aggressive personalities. When threatened, their instinct tells them to "fight or flight". Even when held in captivity for years, they never really lose their instinctive nature. Taming reptiles is possible, but only with some species. Generally speaking, tamable species are non-aggressive reptiles. Examples of such reptiles are boa constrictors, corn...


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