Can reptiles be tamed?

Generally speaking, reptiles have aggressive personalities. When threatened, their instinct tells them to "fight or flight". Even when held in captivity for years, they never really lose their instinctive nature. Taming reptiles is possible, but only with some species. Generally speaking, tamable species are non-aggressive reptiles. Examples of such reptiles are boa constrictors, corn snakes, red eared sliders, and iguanas. The first step to taming a reptile, then, is to select a species that shows a calm and friendly personality. Species are tame when they are young, but become aggressive when they get bigger - something you should consider when doing your research.

The next step is to find a species that you can handle. Beginner hobbyist may want to avoid large animals. Savannah monitors, for instance, can be easily tamed, but they weight over 10 pounds and measure 4 feet. Their bite can be very painful, too. Size is not only consideration. You should be able to handle costs of caring for the animal as well. Reptiles need to be fed and housed in a controlled environment properly or they will die.

To tame a reptile, you should know how to make them comfortable. If it lets you feed and clean it, touch it, or even pick it up, that's a good sign that the animal no longer thinks you're a threat. Slow approach is key: startling a reptile may trigger the animal's "fight or flight" nature. Choose an animal that doesn't intimidate you. How can you tame an animal if you're afraid of touching or handling it?

Taming a reptile takes time. Some animals are quick to tame, while some takes years. Patience is important.



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