What are the best pet snakes for beginners?

Pet snakes are not social animals. They don't like being handled and will bite you if you touch them. They have specific humidity, temperature, and heating requirements and a preference for wild animals. Generally speaking, these needs can be very challenging to meet. However, if you can't resist owning these amazing animals, there are several species that are docile, easy to care for, and inexpensive to keep. When choosing a beginner snake, determine the size that you can manage, the amount of interaction you want with your pet, and the diet and environmental needs that you can meet.

Corn snakes are the most popular pet snake for beginners. They are hardy, adaptable, don't mind being handled and are easy to care for. They also sport a beautiful color pattern.

Ball pythons are calm creatures that grow up to five feet long. They like eating live rats and mice. As long as you're not squeamish about the way they eat their food, the ball pythons are a fine option for you.

California king snakes are hardy animals that are identified by their black and white banding. When it comes to food, they are not picky. They will gladly swallow frozen or pre-killed meat as much as live ones. A healthy king snake can live for up to 20 years in captivity.

Rat snakes are medium-sized snakes with gentle and calm disposition. They are easy to breed, so growing a family is easy.

Garter snakes are small, green-colored snakes that grow up to 3 feet long. They subsist on earthworms, eggs, and small mice.



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